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With Love Breathing Music (inspired by the W. Hof breathing and Tumo)

With Love Breathing Music (inspired by the W. Hof breathing and Tumo)

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With Love Breathing, inspired by Tumo and W. Hof breathing method

I love the Tumo and Wim Hof breathing method. This year it evolved to the With Love Breathing Method, So I made special music for it in 432 Hz... The music guides you, so you can go deep! But there is also a Dutch guided version with my voice. The music builds up like waves, like the ocean, like the seasons, like actually everything, because everything is a wave in basis.

"I would really like to invite you to try to breath on the rhythm of this music and ride with the waves, and just feel what happens."

I made an Easy, Medium and Hard breathing session, which I use myself daily. And for the more advanced users I also cut the music in pieces, so you can create your own playlist and choose your own amount of rounds and lengths of breath hold. I also made 3 video's which you also get in the package! The With Love version is with my guided voice in Dutch (and soon also in English).

The music itself was intended to be like a massage of sound, and it builds up in intensity to amplify the sensations during the build up. And during the breath hold the music is meant to float, to fly, to be able to observe all sensations. But also to be therapeutical, a sort of acupunctural maybe…. hard to explain in words. Music that resets, re-orders the cells, re-orders the mind, a sort of defragmentation like you had to do in the past with your hard disk.

And when it is time to breath in again and hold, the music makes you feel like you inhale the energy of the whole universe and you are a sort of black hole yourself. At least that was my intention, so I hope you feel this too :)

After composing the music for months, I tested it for a long time, and every day it brings me into higher places. As Wim would said: “High On Your Own Supply, baby!”.

I hope it serves you too.

With love, 

PS: The music is tuned to 432 Hz, because studies shows that this decreases the heart rate, blood pressure and improves sleeping quality. Links to the official studies: Link 1 Link 2


Instructor J.S. about the Music

“This wonderful piece of music made by Adrian is one of the most beautiful & heartwarming Work I’ve ever seen/heard! You really will fly like a beautiful Bird while going deep.”

Matthew B. about the Music

“Thank you for doing this, beautiful and fit perfectly”

Steve L. about the Music

“This is a beautiful work of art. I can feel that you put your heart and soul into it. It feels like a massive wave of love energy that you can send out into the world. 

Chris S. about the Music

“Wow, the best session I ever had!”

Pierre L. about the Music

“So beautiful, thank you for sharing this with the world”

Rob C. about the Music

“Been waiting a long time to find something like this”

Official Wim Hof Instructor about the Music

“Perfect flow! I am an official Wim Hof instructor and will recommend this to my co-workers!”

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