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Adrian Kuipers

Breathing Concerts Music

Breathing Concerts Music

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Music from the Breathing Concerts

✔️ Music for 3 breathing methods where you are guided by my music instead of a voice, the music is specially made in a rhythm that suits the breathing method. So you can loose yourself in the music and go deeper.
✔️ Breathing music with healing frequencies (432 and 528 Hz)
✔️ 4 Musical Pieces:

  1. Heart Coherence Breathing - 10 min (5,5 sec in, 5,5 sec out)
  2. Pole Breathing - 10 min (Based on Box Breathing: 4-4-4-4 sec)
  3. With Love Breathing - 13 min (Inspired by Tumo and W. Hof Breathing: 3 rounds, 60/90/90 sec)
  4. Extra: Cornelia and Bohodar - Live Improvisation in church

✔️ Available anytime, anywhere: login, play online or download the audio to your computer or phone (please respect the copyright and don't share it with others 🙏🕊️)
✔️ Accessible for life, until your last breath 🙂

Anyone can do these breathing exercises, and everyone can benefit from them. Whoever you are and whatever your starting point is, doing the right breathing exercises every day ensures a healthier body and a more conscious life.


Heart Coherence Breathing

You can see heart coherence breathing as the basic breathing for the human system, the neutral position. A rhythm that should actually be our default setting. This exercise brings peace and balance to the nervous system and reduces the stress response. It increases self-healing capacity and provides more inner peace.

Breathe in slowly through the nose for 5½ seconds
Exhale slowly through the nose for 5½ seconds
Where you bring your attention to your heart center

The rhythm of the music to which we do this is precisely set to 5½ seconds, so that you don't have to think and can follow exactly this rhythm.

Pole Breathing

The Pole Breathing is a technique that we have developed based on the box breathing method. The difference is that we do not breathe in a square, but from the bottom up. From mother earth to heaven, where our body is the conductor. This breathing provides instant calm, it connects you with the elements and brings you into your body. It provides new sharpness and focus.

In short: 4 seconds in, 4 seconds hold, 4 seconds out, 4 seconds hold, and repeat.

Step 1) Breathe slowly through your nose for 4 seconds, consciously letting the energy of mother earth flow up through your body, up to the sky.

Step 2) Hold your breath for 4 seconds with your lungs full. You tap into your spiritual self, above, you charge yourself with the energy of your essence star.

Step 3) Breathe out slowly through your nose for 4 seconds, letting the energy flow from heaven, through your body, back to earth.

Step 4) You don't breathe for 4 seconds and give everything you no longer need back to mother earth. Don't see this as a debt to mother earth, but give it as a gift. So that mother earth can compost the energy and convert it into something fertile.

The rhythm of the music to which we do this is precisely set to these 4x4x4x4 seconds, so you don't have to think and can follow exactly this rhythm.

With Love Breathing

The With Love Breathing is an experiment inspired by the Tumo and W. Hof breathing. The difference is that we do not focus on the breath itself, but on the inexhaustible source of energy that is everywhere in and around us, also called prana, chi, the ether, orgone or life energy. We harvest this energy by inhaling and with each exhalation we fill the space with this energy. You can think of it as filling a large bath with love energy. When the space is filled, we then shoot this love energy into the world. Fat! :)

In short: inhale deeply 32 times, then don't breathe for a long time, inhale deeply once and hold for 15 seconds and exhale forcefully. This 3 rounds.

Step 1) Breathe deeply (through the nose or mouth), like a wave, first filling the abdomen, then the chest, then the head. Maximum in. We harvest the energy that is infinitely available. When we exhale, we deflate like a balloon and release the energy into space. We fill the space around us like a bath with love energy. We do this 32 times.

Step 2) After the 32nd exhalation, we do not breathe for 60 seconds (90 seconds in rounds 2 and 3). You imagine yourself floating in the pool of collected love energy. You observe what happens in your body and let what happens happen, this can be tingling, emotions, temperature fluctuations. Everything is good and there should be. If you don't reach 60 or 90 seconds, no problem, don't force it, just breathe in and out very slowly until the next step starts.

Step 3) After holding your breath, the signal comes to take a deep breath and hold it for 15 seconds. Here you visualize that you are breathing in the entire bath with love energy. You tense your entire body and gently press towards your pineal gland (middle of your head). Then after 15 seconds the signal comes to let go. We then exhale forcefully once and shoot all the collected love energy through our third eye into the world.

We do this for 3 rounds. Exciting! :)

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