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SoulFood - Full Series Backgrounds

SoulFood - Full Series Backgrounds

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This is the full series of SoulFood I worked on for years. Fruits and Veggies I found and took into my studio to photograph. Since I found all these amazingly shaped fruits and veggies, I cannot come to another conclusion then that fruits and veggies also have a soul. What do you think? 

If you like a framed print for on your wall, or a free sample of the SoulFood pictures as a background, then you can click here.

If you choose the full series backgrounds, then you can choose the amount you like to spend yourself. You can see it as a donation to my work and effort, so I can continue with the work I am making, and in exchange you receive the 8 backgrounds for your desktop and 8 backgrounds for your phone in high quality 🧡.

With love,


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