SoulFood Art Series

The last years I discovered the home garden. I noticed that many of the vegetables and fruits have many different shapes, different then in the supermarket (later I learned that only the standard shaped fruits are selected for the supermarkets).

The shapes coming out of the garden are amazing, and my conclusion came:
Fruits and Veggies also have a soul :)
So I decided to take them into my studio and photograph them, resulting in this SoulFood series.

If you don't believe food has a soul... then watch this 🥰🥔🎃

  • Free Background

    If you like the series you can download the Potato Heart photo as a background for your phone or computer for free 🎁

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    If you like my work you can support me by doing a donation of your choice, then you will receive the full series to use as backgrounds for your computer or phone 🙏

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    Art Print

    You can also buy a high quality printed edition with a beautiful wooden frame. Ready to hang, worldwide shipping, in different sizes 🖼️ 🧡

    SoulFood Art Prints 

Watch the details :)

I photographed with my old and heavy Hasselblad camera. Check out the details :)

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Behind The Scenes at the pumpkin shoot 🧡🎃