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Adrian Kuipers

We Are Orange Babies (E-book)

We Are Orange Babies (E-book)

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After shooting 10 years in Africa for Orange Babies and working for 1 year non-stop very hard building the book, I am so excited to tell the book won 2 prices and the first press of the hardcover book was sold out fast! We made almost € 200.000 for Orange Babies with the sale of the books, prints and events 🧡. So grateful! A lot of kids are helped because of this.

If you like to support and like to see the portraits I made and the poetry I wrote, you can buy the e-book for a price of your choice. Net profits will go to the projects of Orange Babies.

Together we can do so much. 🙏

With Love,


About the Orange Babies project:

I decided I needed to follow my life purpose, dedicating my life in making the world a better place by using my talents, no commercial projects anymore. It started with the We Are Orange Babies project.

Charity Organisation Orange Babies already changed the lives positively of 500.000 African children since the start in 1999. I visited the projects from 2010 till 2020. It shows the faces and stories of women and children that are helped by the charity organization. "When I saw how the charity organization operated, small and personal,  and how many lives were positively influenced, I wanted to contribute my talents to it".

The book shows the changes that were able to achieve during that period thanks to everybody who supports the organization. By adding my film, music, and poetry to the photography, I take you on a journey into the heart of Africa, but also deep into my emotions which I experienced during my life-changing visits.

After almost one year of hard work, building the book, investing my own money into it, it was luckily worth it 😅. I think I made something unique, something worth spreading, something that can change lives, and something that looks nice on your coffee table (if you buy the hard cover).

If you buy the e-book it is also great ofcourse. You can watch it directly and you directly contribute to the projects shown in the book.

The price of the hard cover is 54,95 and will be delivered worldwide. The price of the e-book you can choose yourself. 🥰

As a thank you gift for your order, you will receive a digital wallpaper worth 9,- directly after your purchase in your mailbox.

A warm digital hug,

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